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г.   Only 2 seconds till happiness The Relay in the categories junior and senior opened the Russian National Championships in Novosibirsk today, on 17th of September. Ivan was in the Udmurtian squad together with Alexei Tchurin, Alexei Volchuk and Vyacheslav Alypov, biathletes from Izhevsk. Ivan performed on leg one. He became the leader of the race right after the start. Moreover the prone shooting was perfect. During the next shooting session Ivan had one miss, but he used only one extra spare. Alexei Tchurin on leg two started with an advantage of 37 seconds ahead of his followers. Unfortunately Ivan’s teammate was much slower on the track. After 2nd exchange other biathletes became the leaders and left Alexei Volchuk behind; after his failure in the shooting session Alexei ranked second. And only because of the faultless shooting by Vyacheslav Alypov the squad managed to save 2nd rank. When Vyacheslav continued the race after his standing stance he was 6 seconds behind the leader but he managed to shorten it by 2 seconds.

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